Sister of the Moon (catmcroy) wrote in victoriapagans,
Sister of the Moon

My intro

Name or preferred name: Cat works as well as any. Angharad is my Circle name.

Path: Freeform Wiccan (started off Alexandrian/Gardnerian and getting more freeform as time goes on)

What brought you to your path: I went through an agnostic phase in my late teens (who doesn't!) and my friend gave me a copy of The Spiral Dance for my 19th birthday. I read it and I had an "aha" moment where, for just a second, everything became clear and I knew I was home.

An interesting tidbit about you: Um....apart from the fact that I can tell you the chronological order of all of Stevie Nicks' albums (and all the Fleetwood Mac albums with her on them)?

Any other bio info to share: I'm 26, I just moved to Victoria about 2 months ago, I work evenings (read: I have no life), I read nigh on obsessively, I don't own a TV and I love medieval dance.

An interesting thing about paganism to you is: that anything can be seen as sacred if you take the time to do so. I just moved my "home" altar into my kitchen (as opposed to my ritual altar or my money altar) in an attempt to vest boring housechores with a bit more spiritual significance. That and I tend to incorporate knitting into my spellwork. Or spellwork into my knitting.
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