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Intro post

name or preferred name: Audra Thorn, I go by Iryn online. Either name will do, granted when being spoken to in real life my real name will get my attention better. ^O^;
path: Druid
what brought you to your path: At first I was just studying paganism in general. I took what I liked from my studies to realize one day that I really had strong druid leanings. So I decided to join a group and further that study and so far have been living happily ever after.
an interesting tidbit about you: I used to be an archaeologist but now I'm looking for a new career to follow that is a little bit closer to home.
an interesting thing about paganism to you is: It is so vast. I love listening to the various stories that people have about their paths and their beliefs. Everyone is different and that is what makes paganism wonderful to me.
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