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Victoria Pagans

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22nd February 2010

beedjay5:59am: intro post BEEdjay!
hi all!

my name is beedjay, really. for bj(my real name), and for bluejay my totem bird. i'm a lot like a blue jay, but i'm not mean. just loud and assertive and opinionated and industrious. i'm not judgemental but i do like to play devils advocate and engage in debates because i'm a libra so i revel in exploring both sides of any issue.

i found this group searching for spellwork in knitting since we are putting together a "stitch n witch" group to meet 8 times a year around the time of the sabbats. was there a post here regarding spellwork in knitting? i didn't find it.

i also lived in victoria (actually esquimalt) for less than a year, and quite loved the place, but had to return to ottawa where i live now because of a family illness. i since have started a family and grown roots but miss the west coast tremendously.

i look forward to making friends and talking about our ways of living on the pagan path, and as i quote in my journal bio "finding the sacred in the mundane"

blessed bee

14th November 2008

jenfer4710:11pm: Rose Henry for City Council
Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?

10th January 2008

I'd love some other people's opinions on this conversation.  I'd like to be better able to communicate my thoughts and what better way than to bounce them off some other folk and gain deeper understanding of these concepts?

So the showdown stood thus: GWRP (generic wiccan rooted pagan) vs. Baptist (aka, sister).  

Opinions? Do good and evil really exist? Does loving enemies make the world better or just leave you freezing your butt off while they walk around with your cloak and your robe? I know my idea of good&evil and her idea of good&evil are quite different, do you have another version?

Thoughts? Those of you who work with specific deities, do you find yourselves trying to serve their will or do you work with them towards your own goals? Does anyone out there cast for the greater good (end to global warming, cure for cancer (in general, not for someone you know)

Do you have a purpose in life? Do you need one? Anybody else just too lazy to be happy? 

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, we are actually that obnoxious to eachother.

Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting all baptists share my sister's views or that all gwrps share mine, feel free to be a gwrp and agree with everything "Baptist" said.

* grammar nazis can you please tell me if this should be aren't?  would "good and evil" be singular or plural?

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17th September 2006

falinia5:51pm: This is probably why the Catholics don't want me
Okay so I was just informed by a couple of e-friends that Pagan-Pride day is supposed to be coming up, like, pretty much everywhere where english is spoken.   Anybody know anything about anything happening in Victoria?

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9th April 2006

falinia8:06am: a question of Entreprenuership
For my Entreprenuership class we're supposed to create a business, but first we have to find if there is a demand for it. Therefore I pose this question to you, the Pagans of Victoria:

Is there any demand for a Pagan/Occult coffee shop? Would you go?

The idea behind it being that you could do your shopping for candles, incense, books, whatever, and then chill out with some other local pagans sipping on coffee or strange herbal teas.

Suggestions on how to expand on the idea would be awesome too.

8th March 2006

falinia4:22pm: Mmm, x-posting.
What would you write in a book describing the details of your beliefs? I don't neccesarily mean rituals, more the reasons behind them. Descriptions of how your gods work and different kinds of magick you use and why it works ect.

I'm looking for specifics or generals here (though reasons are nice), and if you have a strong belief *please* share it and tell me your logic behind it.

11th January 2006

iryn7:04pm: moving
I have just found out that I will be moving to Halifax next month. If someone else would like to become the moderator for this community please let me know.
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10th January 2006

falinia10:12pm: non-christian choir music
I'm currently in a "gospel-style" choir, and it seems like we have a very small amount of non-christian choir music to sing. We don't really mind singing some christian songs but since we're meant to simply be a singing group and not a religious group and play in many places of mixed faith it'd be nice to have some pieces of that beuatiful style without the faith attachments.

Anybody got any site's or song suggestions that could help?


30th December 2005

falinia3:52am: hiya
So I tried to make my own wiccan in victoria community but so far even my own friends are too lazy to sign up on it >.< . I figured this would be a good surrogate.

Something about myself: I'm very very un-fluffy. I'm not saying that to insult anyone on the fluffy side, just as a warning that I'm pretty blunt with oppinions and seem to ruffle feathers a lot. I'm not mean, I just come from a family where feathers are never ruffled and don't have the built in instincts to figure out what'll offend some of the more sensative sort. Besides all of that tip-toeing around the point can drive a person mad!

Well, my brain has shut off for the evening so thats all I can think of to write.


20th October 2005

catmcroy1:30am: My intro
Name or preferred name: Cat works as well as any. Angharad is my Circle name.

Path: Freeform Wiccan (started off Alexandrian/Gardnerian and getting more freeform as time goes on)

What brought you to your path: I went through an agnostic phase in my late teens (who doesn't!) and my friend gave me a copy of The Spiral Dance for my 19th birthday. I read it and I had an "aha" moment where, for just a second, everything became clear and I knew I was home.

An interesting tidbit about you: Um....apart from the fact that I can tell you the chronological order of all of Stevie Nicks' albums (and all the Fleetwood Mac albums with her on them)?

Any other bio info to share: I'm 26, I just moved to Victoria about 2 months ago, I work evenings (read: I have no life), I read nigh on obsessively, I don't own a TV and I love medieval dance.

An interesting thing about paganism to you is: that anything can be seen as sacred if you take the time to do so. I just moved my "home" altar into my kitchen (as opposed to my ritual altar or my money altar) in an attempt to vest boring housechores with a bit more spiritual significance. That and I tend to incorporate knitting into my spellwork. Or spellwork into my knitting.

4th September 2005

iryn9:34pm: Pagan Pride Day
Saturday September 10, 2005
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Event Location: Goldstream Park Group Picnic Sites - Goldminer
Games, Potluck, Ritual, Gorsedd, Crafts.
Family Oriented Event.
Bring something for Potluck
Overnight camping for those interested please contact Victoria Pagan Alliance. Cost for overnight camping is $22/tent.
We will be collecting nonperishable food items for the Seniors Christmas Hamper Society.
Donations being taken for the Goldstream Chums Program.
I have also heard that there will be donation collection going on for the Hurricaine Katrina Victims. Not confirmed though.

16th July 2005

dancing_elf1:18am: intro
Hi everyone, my name's Jackie (or LJ name, dancing_elf, I answer to either) I just joind the community, so I thought I'd give a bit of an intro:
I don't really have a chosen path at this point, I'm very new to this, and I thought joining this community would help me learn, and meet some local people interested in the same things.

12th June 2005

iryn8:20am: Victoria Midsummer Festival
Saturday June 25, 2005
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Event Location: Mt Doug Group Picnic Sites - Site A
Notes:Games, Potluck, Ritual, Gorsedd, Crafts.
Family Oriented Event.
Bring something for Potluck
$3.00 Gate fee
Anyone have any ideas about what buses to take to get to this? All the ones I could think of only run monday-friday.

26th May 2005

raks_rambleings3:31pm: Intro
First of all Merry Meet

Name or preferred name: Rakshasas my real ones Wendy

Path: Ecclectic pagan.

What brought you to your path: I was raised Catholic and met a Pagan at 15.I`ve been one ever since.

An interesting tidbit about you: I`m not from Victoria but would be interested in hooking up with a few pagans from the area.

Any other bio info to share: I`ve been practicing for 18yrs or so.I`m also part Native and have been learning Shamanism and Native Herbalism

An interesting thing about paganism to you is:I think its the acceptance you find in paganism.I don`t see it as being as judgemental as other religions.
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25th May 2005

iryn12:00pm: Intro post
name or preferred name: Audra Thorn, I go by Iryn online. Either name will do, granted when being spoken to in real life my real name will get my attention better. ^O^;
path: Druid
what brought you to your path: At first I was just studying paganism in general. I took what I liked from my studies to realize one day that I really had strong druid leanings. So I decided to join a group and further that study and so far have been living happily ever after.
an interesting tidbit about you: I used to be an archaeologist but now I'm looking for a new career to follow that is a little bit closer to home.
an interesting thing about paganism to you is: It is so vast. I love listening to the various stories that people have about their paths and their beliefs. Everyone is different and that is what makes paganism wonderful to me.
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