beedjay (beedjay) wrote in victoriapagans,

intro post BEEdjay!

hi all!

my name is beedjay, really. for bj(my real name), and for bluejay my totem bird. i'm a lot like a blue jay, but i'm not mean. just loud and assertive and opinionated and industrious. i'm not judgemental but i do like to play devils advocate and engage in debates because i'm a libra so i revel in exploring both sides of any issue.

i found this group searching for spellwork in knitting since we are putting together a "stitch n witch" group to meet 8 times a year around the time of the sabbats. was there a post here regarding spellwork in knitting? i didn't find it.

i also lived in victoria (actually esquimalt) for less than a year, and quite loved the place, but had to return to ottawa where i live now because of a family illness. i since have started a family and grown roots but miss the west coast tremendously.

i look forward to making friends and talking about our ways of living on the pagan path, and as i quote in my journal bio "finding the sacred in the mundane"

blessed bee
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