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Night by J E Shannon

A community for pagans of all paths and the pagan friendly in the Victoria, BC area or even those just interested in Vancouver Island pagans.
Vancouver island has such an active pagan community it just seemed odd that there wasn't an LJ for it. So...tada!
Feel free to use this community to talk about anything that crosses your mind pagan wise, especially stuff that's going on in the area. Pictures are always welcome but please put them behind an lj cut.

Why not introduce yourself when you sign up? To make it easier you can fill out this little survey and post it or just say anything you want.

Name or preferred name:


What brought you to your path:

An interesting tidbit about you:

Any other bio info to share:

An interesting thing about paganism to you is:

The rules of the community:
1. Be nice to your fellow community members.
2. Keep your pictures and screenshots behind an lj cut.
3. If it might be of sensitive nature please put it behind an lj cut with a warning about it's content.
4. Spamming isn't usually very nice. IF it's relevant then by all means but if it isn't, don't be suprised if it ends up deleted.
5. Use your common sense, if you second guess the content of your post then its probably best you don't post it.

That's it, just five easy rules to follow.
Now, post away and enjoy the community.
Current moderator is: iryn

Want to help pimp out the community? Share the graphic. I just slapped something together for now. I'll try better next time. ^O^;

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